2016 Interior Prices

These prices are good for Angie's List customers and new customers. Prices are for two coats of latex paint. We use Consumer Reports' Best Buy paints from Home Depot. Prices could be less once the job is finished, but not higher!

We do not attempt rolling a single-coat color change on walls, even with similar colors.

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Whole Rooms (810 ft. walls)

  • Walls only: $2.73/sq. ft. of floor.
  • Walls & ceilings (ceilings white or separate color): $3.26/sq. ft. of floor.
  • Walls & ceilings (ceilings the same sheen & color as walls): $2.54/sq. ft. of floor.
  • Ceilings only: $0.92/sq. ft. for 2 coats ($0.69 for 1 coat; $1.55 for 3 coats)

Other Walls & Ceilings

  • Walls, 8–10 ft.: $7.34/linear ft. of wall
  • Walls, 16 ft.: $25.13/linear ft. of wall
  • Ceilings, 8–10 ft.: $0.75/sq. ft. ($0.70 for one coat).
  • Ceilings, cathedral/high (with walls also painted, priced separately): $1.26 for 2 coats.
  • Ceilings only, cathedral/high: $2.29/sq. ft. for 2 coats.


  • 20% discount on walls.
  • Basement wall sealer (latex Drylok): $1.60/sq. ft. (one coat).


  • Baseboard, Chair Rail, Crown Molding, and simple Window Trim:
    • Painted (2 coats): $1.60/linear ft. (Second coat constitutes 1/3 of total.) White paint may need a 3rd coat, adding 50%.
    • Stained and 2 coats polyurethane: $3.14/ft.
  • Doors:
    • Doors and casings (2 sides): $95.00.
    • Doors only: 75% of above figures.
    • Casings only: 25% of above figures.
  • Cabinets:
    • Cabinet fronts, upper and lower: Typically $10.86/linear ft.
    • Cabinets inside and out: $44.72/linear ft.
  • Windows:
    • $60.00 standard double hung, $78 panes.
  • Misc.:
    • Priming miscellaneous items adds 50%.
    • Shelves: $1.41/linear ft.
    • Vanities: Typically $65.00 for the front; inside $108.60.


  • Makes wallpaper removable. One coat is half the wall-painting price.


  • 2 stalls: walls $609.00, ceiling $367.00.
  • 3 stalls: walls $762.00, ceiling $547.00.

Moving furniture

  • Moving things out of the way costs more. We need about three feet next to walls to work in.

Drywall Repair

  • Three service calls at $77.00 per call is the minimum for a repair. Re-taping drywall joints: $7.19/ft.
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For health reasons, I am no longer painting houses of more than one story.