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I (Lon Martin) have been a self-employed house painter since 1986. I have 17 Super Service awards from Angie’s List. 99% of my ratings are A’s in every category. I serve Portland to Hillsboro and south to Lake Oswego, and now Vancouver north to Longview. You don’t get these top ratings with trainee house painters, and I don’t sub­contract anything out.

The best way to go about exterior house painting is to simply do everything written on the can of paint. Use the right type and grade of paint, pressure wash, scrape, deal with lead, prime and finish coat. Paint manufactures cover all of the bases to cover themselves. We prefer regional exterior paint made for the wet conditions we have in the Portland area, such as Miller or Rodda. Unspecified “extra” preparations are just salesmanship.

  • We try to bid competitively, consistently, and fairly.
  • Our itemized pricing system is thorough and exactwe don’t estimate! Our pricing is guaranteed for one full year.
  • We offer a variety of major paint brands, including several “green” paints, which are safer for your family and better for the environment.
  • Our workmanship and materials are covered by a detailed guarantee.
  • Your property is covered by $500,000 in liability insurance.
  • Ninety-nine percent of our work is done for homeowners. We have it down to a science.
  • We pressure wash most exterior surfaces prior to painting, to safely remove dirt, mildew, chalk, and “air pollution.” This helps our top-quality paints and stains stick better and last longer.
  • Martin Painting will not tolerate having your family exposed to vices. (If you have any, you may be asked to leave . . . )smile
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